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About Us

Charles Nikiema and Lydia Glassie are partners in Global Arts, LLC. Both Charles, originally from Burkina Faso, and Lydia who grew up traveling and among artisans, believe that all people are one and each of us is responsible for one another. 


We also believe that art is not only an expression of the artist, but is, in fact, an extension of the artist. 


As Henry Glassie, folklorist and artist we follow, writes - what an artist chooses to create is an emblem of her being; and art is a momentary fulfillment of what it means to be human.


We believe art of the world should be accessible to people everywhere.  We have art from Africa and Turkey and will continue to build the collection. 

Each piece we have is made by an artisan we have either met, or through a person who has met the artisan.  None of the art is replicas. It is all created by the hands of an artisan.  


We hope you enjoy looking at the collection, and watching it grow. And we hope you find a piece of art that speaks to you, and in which you can see and feel the passion of the artisan.

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